Thursday, May 12, 2011

Logging now working in Silverlight mdcm

Another troublesome issue in the mdcm Silverlight DICOM class library has been the logging.

In the main mdcm project, the NLog class library for logging can be used without restrictions. There is a 2.0 beta version of NLog containing a Silverlight class library, which out of necessity is rather restricted.

However, with the help of the following response on Stackoverflow (many thanks, Stackoverflow user wageoghe) I have managed to add very simple logging capability to the Silverlight mdcm library as well.

With this solution, logging records are saved in a named file in the isolated storage of the running application. To enable logging globally, simply call the following static method:


To log something, simply access the Log member of the Debug static class:

Debug.Log.Warn("Some warning message {0}", variable);

This is a screen dump of the SL.DicomToXml Silverlight application included in the Silverlight mdcm project. To verify the logging functionality I have added a text box in the bottom of the application page to continuously display the contents of the NLog file:

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