Thursday, August 18, 2011

Finally! WPF support in mdcm!

As I have mentioned in several recent blog posts, I have forked Colby Dillion's excellent C# DICOM class library mdcm and implemented a Silverlight DICOM class library largely based on the original mdcm code.

When dealing with Silverlight imaging support, it was apparent that it would be very easy to also make a WPF port of the mdcm class library.

Well, consider it done!

As of today, I have uploaded an update of mdcm to the Github repository, containing a complete .NET 4 class library Wpf.Dicom where DICOM images are rendered using WPF rather than Windows Forms.

Apart from imaging, the Wpf.Dicom project provides the same functionality as the original Dicom and Dicom.Linq projects combined. There are parts of the implemented imaging code for WPF that still remains untested, more specifically image rotation and flipping as well as multilayered images. I plan to test this specific functionality as soon as possible to verify that the WPF implementation is indeed fully functional.

The Dicom.Codec and Dicom.Codec64 projects have previously referenced the original Dicom project. To enable full codec support in WPF, I have updated the codec projects to instead reference Wpf.Dicom, and at the same time I have excluded the Windows Forms-based project Dicom and associated applications from the Visual Studio solution. This is of course an easy thing to change back, if anyone so wishes.

Please feel free to download and use the source code from Github. Comments and improvement suggestions are more than welcome. Do not hesitate to report issues under the Issues tab in the Github repository.

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