Sunday, October 30, 2011

Silverlight mdcm merged into Colby Dillion's main fork!

Yesterday, I was excited to see that my Silverlight and WPF fork of mdcm was merged, in its entirety, into Colby Dillion's main mdcm fork.

Since my efforts have now become more "official", I think it could be worth recalling some of the specific issues that are currently applicable in particular to the Silverlight library of mdcm:

  • The Silverlight class library is currently using Silverlight version 5 Release Candidate. It should be fairly straightforward to revert to Silverlight 4, but there may be some incompatibilities especially with respect to network access.
  • I have tried to implement managed support for JPEG codecs in the Silverlight project, but I have so far stumbled on 12 (and 16) bit support. The available open source JPEG codec libraries (FluxJpeg.Core and LibJpeg.Net) only support 8 bit images, and I have not yet been able to extend either of the libraries to 12 bit support. Furthermore, these libraries only support lossy compression.
  • Silverlight 5 will open up new possibilities for the mdcm Silverlight library, since P/Invoke is now supported when running in so called "elevated trust" mode. In particular, it should be possible to implement network server and full image codec support through calls to native libraries. So far, I have not implemented any of these ideas.
  • I have not made any extensive efforts with the MonoTouch project yet; in particular, no image support is implemented. Basic functionality is there though, DICOM file parsing and network client for example works out-of-the-box.

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